Voss Ep

This was the first Daniel Land & The Modern Painters release, and the first time I had ever released my songs in public. I'm not especially proud of the release now, given that I was still figuring out how production worked, and some of the recording is pretty ropey - the dodgy drum machine on "The Magic In My Head" for example. But I remember how inspired I was, and how quickly all of this was done - six weeks from start to release. I've rarely been so productive and it still contains some of my better songs - "Within The Boundaries", "The Magic In My Head" and "Locust", which were tidied up, remixed and put on the first Daniel Land & The Modern Painters album. You can listen to the EP here

Imagining October EP

Slight step up in production quality, but I was still figuring things out, and I've been reticent to re-release this one too. "Off Your Face Again", which I wrote with Graeme, remains a Painters classic, and one we almost always played live. This too was tidied up and re-released on the first Painters album.  I had a lot of help on this release from my friend Nick Froud, who played drums on "Chagall Repeat" and "Off Your Face Again", and who helped me make the last track, "Look at September, Look at October". That was always a favourite to play live as well. It may be worth cleaning up the recording at some point for a re-release. In the meantime, <u>you can listen to "Imagining October EP" here</u>.

Within The Boundaries / Benjamin's Room (Single)

This was a big step-up for us, being mixed by Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters, released on the Sonic Cathedral label, and presented on 7" vinyl in the label's then-traditional style. The cover design is subtle, but worthy of note; the compass points to the South West, the region of the UK where both Nathaniel Cramp (the owner of Sonic Cathedral) and myself hail from. We had a lot of fun with the secret messages on the run-out groove as well - if you check the vinyl closely you'll see the name of the then-forthcoming first album, and also "Jacob's Creek Chardonnay, 1991!" - both a Father Ted reference, and an excellent vintage shoegaze year. Both of these tracks were re-released, as-is, on the first Daniel Land & The Modern Painters album Love Songs For The Chemical Generation.

Eyes Wide Shut (Single)

Straightforward radio edit of the song "Eyes Wide Shut", from the second Daniel Land & The Modern Painters album The Space Between Us, this was released by Club AC30 on Record Store Day in April 2012. Presented on a tasty white 7" vinyl and with an early mix of "Whistling Gypsy" on the b-side. "Whistling Gypsy" was later tinkered with, remixed, and included on my solo album In Love With A Ghost.