'A Single Man' album available again / Free download of Red House Painters cover

Just a quick one to note that my 2013 solo album A Single Man is available to purchase again, as a CD or a download, from my Bandcamp page

I made A Single Man to document the kind of things I was doing in my solo shows at the time - these shows were similar to acoustic performances, but with an electric guitar, and some nice guitar effects. I came to call them my "ambient solo" sets. 

If you want to hear an example, this post contains an mp3 download of my cover of the Red House Painters song 'Mistress' from around this time, which should give you a good idea of what I mean.

A Single Man is a full-length album, and contains hushed, stripped-down versions of Modern Painters songs such as 'Echo & Narcissus', as well as a handful of tracks unique to this release such as 'Amsterdam', 'Cinderella City', and 'Limerick'. It also contains the solo version of 'The Sweetest Lover', later released (in a full band version) on In Love With A Ghost. 

This album was released privately and quietly, and I had planned to let it drift into obscurity forever - but then I found a box of CDs that I forgot I had. So now seems as good a time as any to make it available again - if only for a while. 

There are around 25 CDs and I have no plans to make any more after they're gone. If anyone wants one, you can get one from my Bandcamp where the album is also available to stream or download. 

Enjoy :)


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