Songwriting has always been at the centre of my musical life. With my band Daniel Land & The Modern Painters I released two albums of songs (Love Songs For The Chemical Generation, and The Space Between Us) and several singles and EPs, on some great labels including Sonic Cathedral and Club AC30. 

The Painters disbanded in 2012, and since then I have been living in London, continuing the project (more or less) as a solo artist. My latest album, Out of Season, was released in 2023, and is my favourite thing I've ever released. Clicking on the following pictures will take you to pages where you can listen to each album, and read more about how they were created.

Love Songs For The Chemical Generation (2009)

The Space Between Us (2012)

In Love With a Ghost (2016)

The Dream of the Red Sails (2019)

Out of Season (2023)