And thank you for stumbling across my site.

If you're here, you’re probably already familiar with at least one of my musical projects. Perhaps you already know my shoegaze/dream-pop songs, released as Daniel Land or Daniel Land & The Modern Painters. Or maybe you know the atmospheric landscape music I release under the name riverrun. You’ll find information about all of these things here. 

While you're here, make sure to sign up to my mailing list to receive a free song from my archives, or follow the link to my store. And thanks for stopping by! 



"Crow Covert": A new riverrun album 

Hello everybody,  

I'm delighted to announce a new album by my ambient side-project riverrun, which is available to purchase now at the riverrun Bandcamp page.

The album is called Crow Covert, and it is the second album in a trilogy of works focused on the landscapes of Somerset. It was recorded at a temporary studio I set up in a holiday home on the Somerset coast, where I've visited every autumn since 2019. 

The album is available to stream, download, or purchase on CD at my Bandcamp page. The CD version is presented in digipak format and contains liner notes made out of diaries I kept during my stays in the West Somerset area. 

This is the last thing I will release before turning my attention to the 2x albums worth of songs I'm hoping to release through 2022 and 2023. 

More on that shortly, I hope :)

New song premier on Eardrum Buzz radio 

Hello everybody, 

A new song of mine, called 'Idlewild', will premier on Marcus Mayes' radio show on Eardrum Buzz radio this weekend. 

'Idlewild' is from my forthcoming album of songs, details of which I hope to be able to share with you soon. 

The shows airs online at www.eardrumbuzz.net at the following times: 

- Friday 2 July (13:00 and 20:00) 
- Sunday 4 July (11:00) 

- Friday 2 July (05:00 and 12:00) 
- Sunday 4 July (03:00) 

The show is repeated a couple of times across the weekend, but if you're not able to catch it, don't worry - I'm hoping to release the song as a single in the next few months.

Thanks to Marcus for playing the song. Marcus, some of you may remember, was the first drummer in Daniel Land & The Modern Painters!

As for the album, I'm thinking an autumn release, but watch this space...

Thanks to anyone who reads this!

Daniel Land
Harringay, London

Avalon Marsh - a new riverrun album 

Hello everybody, 

This morning, I have released a new album by my ambient side-project riverrun.  

The album is called Avalon Marsh, and comprises two longform tracks, inspired by the landscapes of West Somerset, where the album was recorded in the autumns of 2019 and 2020.  

The album is available to stream, download, or purchase on CD, at the following link.  

The music is nostalgic, contemplative, and meditative, with a slightly spooky edge - like the landscapes that inspired it.  

The CD version is presented in digipak format - a first for me - and contains a mini-essay about the album's creation.

Thank you - all the best, and here's hoping 2021 is much better for everyone. 

Daniel Land

White Chalk - a new single 

I've recently released a single called 'White Chalk'. This is one of the tracks that will be on my next album of songs. 

If you'd like to listen, stream or download the track, you can do so from my Bandcamp page at the following location. It should also be available on the major streaming sites, such as Spotify, from 21 February or thereabouts. 

In terms of the actual album release, I think we're looking at the late summer or thereabouts. Much depends on whether I can interest a label or not. I'll be in touch as soon as I know anything concrete... 

I've had some amazing feedback on this song, I hope you like it too! 

Daniel Land
London, February 2020

New riverrun album - 'The Same Silent Hill' 

I'm very happy to announce a new riverrun album called The Same Silent Hill, the first album of shorter riverrun pieces I have released since 2016's Romer Shoal.

These works were put together in fits and starts during the past half-decade, mainly at my home studio in London but also on location in the Poole Harbour area. Poole Harbour is a vast, wonderful, but relatively unknown area of natural beauty that I visited and loved as a child, and which I have had the fortune to rediscover again, as an adult, in the past few years. The album is, in many ways, a tribute to the area.

The Same Silent Hill is available to order now as a limited edition CD, or digital download, from the following link. The CD version is presented in a jewel case with a 4-page booklet and full colour art throughout, and will be shipped the first week of February. All orders come with an immediate digital download of the full album.

Daniel Land
January 2020

New riverrun album - 'Southernmost' - CD/Download available 

Hello everyone, 

I'm happy to announce a new album by my ambient side-project riverrun, called 'Southernmost'. This album is a collaboration between myself and the Californian ambient musician William Delano - but I think you'll find it's very much in the riverrun style. 

The album is available now as a digital download, or as a limited edition CD. 

Click here to buy a CD, stream, or download from Bandcamp 
Click here to read more about riverrun 
Click here for some other music by William Delano

You may notice that this new album has been released from a dedicated riverrun Bandcamp page. I've done this to help separate out the various strands of my work - so, my songs, my riverrun material, and other projects will all have their own Bandcamp pages (more on some of those other projects shortly!) 

In the coming weeks I'll upload the other riverrun albums, plus a few rarities and curiosities - including some live recordings, and a ten-hour long version of the Lilliput generative composition I released last year!

Thanks as always for your interest!




My new album 'The Dream Of The Red Sails' - Out Now!  

Happy New Year to you all! :) 

And happy album release date to me! I'm pleased to announce that my new album, The Dream Of The Red Sails, is out now! 

If you're still wanting a copy, you can get one from my Bandcamp page. The album is presented in a sturdy Super Jewel Case format, with a 12-page booklet and full colour artwork throughout - and any CD orders will be sent the next working day. 

From that link, you can buy the album on its own, or as a limited edition bundle with the bonus mini-album A Certain Kind of Light. But do hurry, there are only ten copies that bundle left. 

If you prefer to 'try before you buy', the full album is also available to stream here. It is also live on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and all major digital platforms. 

I've attached a free mp3 download of the album track 'Long Before The Weather' to this post as well. I hope you enjoy it! 

Warmest regards 

Daniel Land 


My new album 'The Dream Of The Red Sails' - Get your name in the credits!  

Hello everyone, 

I'm exceptionally happy to announce that my new album of songs, The Dream Of The Red Sails, is available to pre-order now! 

The Dream Of The Red Sails is an album of summery, wide screen Dream-Pop which, for me at least, is the most satisfying and complete album I've ever made. 

But don't just take my word for it! I've attached a free download of 'Skindivers', from the album, to this post. And you can pre-order, or find out more about the album, from the links below. 

The album will be officially released on January 7th. However, anyone who pre-orders the album from this website will receive the album by December, in plenty of time for Christmas.  

The album is available on CD, and you can throw in a bit of extra cash to get an exclusive bonus mini-album called A Certain Kind of Light (which features six new unreleased tracks on it), plus access to exclusive bonus material (including instrumental versions, an audio commentary, and an exclusive unreleased track) – AND, as thanks for your extra support, you will get "thank you" in the album credits!  

Click here to pre-order the album 

Best wishes, as always

Daniel Land 
London, September 2018

New Single - 'Skindivers' - Fourth album coming soon 

I'm delighted to present my new track 'Skindivers', the first slice from my forthcoming album of summery Dream Pop.

The track is available to stream from the media player at the bottom of my website, where you can also download the song for free in exchange for joining my mailing list! Just click on the word FREE in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Anyone on my list will have access to unique album pre-order options, once the release is announced. 

'Skindivers' is also available to purchase at Bandcamp, stream at Soundcloud, and will shortly be available from iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, and other mainstream streaming/downloading platforms. 




'Lilliput' CDs now sold out; standard download version still available 

Hello everyone,

The CD copies of the new riverrun album Lilliput sold out within three weeks, which is a record for a riverrun release. Wow! I cannot thank you all for coming along with me, on this unique little experiment!

I hope that those of you who bought the CDs enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed this whole process. 

For those that missed out on the limited run of CDs, you can still download a 'standard' version of the album from my Bandcamp page here, or you can read more about the album and its compositional process here.

I may compile some of the nicer, unexpected and unplanned moments from the larger composition into another release; please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. Either way, some selections from the longer composition will feature on a forthcoming non-narrative riverrun film - and it's also highly likely that I'll conduct a similar experiment for a future release. 

Thank you for your continued interest in my music!


Daniel Land
Hampshire, February 2018




To get my new track ‘White Chalk’ for free

Previous events

Daniel Land at Dreaming Tracks Festival

 —  —

Aatma, Faraday Street, Manchester M1 1BE

My band and I will be playing at Aatma in Manchester as part of the Dreaming Tracks Festival, on 20th October, along with Hideka (Japan), Veer (Portugal), Purple Heart Parade, Sequin Sally and Veladrome.

Tickets are £10 (+ £1 booking fee) in advance, and the event will run from 4pm until around midnight, with our stage time expected to be around 7:30pm. We wil be playing new songs from 'The Dream Of The Red Sails', as well as some older Daniel Land & The Modern Painters favourites.

Album launch party

 —  —

Sebright Arms, 31-35 Coate Street, London E2 9AG

Goodsouls Promotions are proud to present an extended set from Daniel Land (and his band) in this special album launch gig at the Sebright Arms in London.

Daniel and the band will be playing cuts from his new album "In Love With A Ghost", and old Daniel Land & The Modern Painters favourites.

With support from Evi Vine.

Order the album (ships end of October): https://danielland.bandcamp.com/album/in-love-with-a-ghost Evi Vine website: http://evivine.com/ Daniel Land website: www.danielland.co.uk