UK Shows + New Videos + "Out of Season" Vinyl Release

Hello everybody — and happy new year to you!

Today marks the official release date of the vinyl version of Out of Season

I’m incredibly happy with how the campaign has gone — the album has gone into distribution in the UK, China, and possibly (soon) the USA. It's outsold any other record I've made, and is actually in danger of selling out of it's physical edition. That's so crazy to me! 

A million thanks to anyone who bought the album, streamed it, joined my mailing list, or contacted me with kind words over the last few months.

Right now, there are around 60 copies of Out of Season in each format at my Bandcamp page — but if you want one, especially one of the Deluxe packages, I wouldn't hesitate.  At the time of writing, there are only 4 Deluxe LP versions of the album, and 9 Deluxe CDs left. 

Purchase Here

I’ve also got a few live shows planned for next year. I’m bringing my full band to Manchester and London for shows on 21 April and 22 April respectively — you can buy tickets for either of those shows here.

There will be other shows announced soon!

Also, this morning, I've released a new music video for the single (and album track) “Alison”, which you can view at my YouTube channel

I’d recommend following me there, as in the next few months I’ll be releasing a bunch of new things. Just today, for example, I’ve also released the first of a series of track-by-track explainer videos, talking about the background to Out of Season tracks, and the rest will be available soon. 

And in the coming weeks I'll be releasing three more music videos, a bunch of in-studio/making of clips, and a handful of visualiser videos accompanying some of the Alan Lidden “Deep Drone” ambient remixes of the album’s tracks!

Thanks to anyone who reads this; hope to see some of you at our gigs in 2024.

All the best 


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