The World In Tune - Expedia Commission

So, here's a thing that I've been involved with over the last couple of months, but not really spoken about until now. 

I was commissioned by Expedia to create a generative ambient music composition, featuring musicians from all around the world. It turned out rather well - and seems to be getting some excellent press from Forbes and the like.  

The composition is split across 16 videos, with musicians on six continents, each of whom are playing simple musical parts that are designed to work with the others, wherever they are set going. Each musician's contribution is a slightly different length, so in true Eno-style, it should never exactly repeat itself, and each viewer makes their own subtly different version of the piece from everyone else. 

I've included the link below in case anyone wants to have a play with it, themselves.

I'm rather happy with how this turned out! 

World In Tune at Expedia: 
Forbes Article: