You wait four years for a new Daniel Land album, and then...

Hello everyone, 

Happy release day to me! I'm pleased to announce that my new album of songs, In Love With A Ghost is now available to purchase worldwide via all the usual platforms - including Amazon, iTunes, and selected independent record stores - and of course, from my own store!

Some exceptionally kind words and reviews coming in, including this one from Primal Music, who said: 

"Land demands some kind of greater perspective or respect with this album... this is a dreamy, original and somewhat experimental piece of pop music, built on the genius of performance, production, song writing and sound". 

But don't take my word for it! The full album is available to listen, stream or buy at the following locations, and there are plenty of CDs available at either of these links as well: 

From my website: 
From my Bandcamp: 

Thanks so much to everyone who bought one so far! All previous outstanding CD copies of the album were shipped on the 1st, 17th and 23rd of this month depending on when they were ordered, and I've also released the digital pre-orders as well. 



SURPRISE! I'm also releasing a second album today. 

Disclaimer: this is not a song album. It is the new album my ambient side project riverrun. The new record, Romer Shoal is the fourth riverrun album and may be of interest for any fans of ambient music, particularly those of Harold Budd or Brian Eno (particularly his On Land era). 

Like In Love With A Ghost, the album was largely inspired by the time that my partner and I spent in and around the New York area in 2014 and 2015, but this time more focused on the coastal or harbour areas.... I see it as a companion piece to the new song album - alternative sides of the same coin -  and for a while I considered releasing the two as a double album. 

Having lived with this album for some time now, I think it's possibly the best riverrun album, and definitely my favourite one. In fact, this is one of the few records that I've made that I actually enjoy going back to listen to.  

I'm very aware that this kind of music doesn't have as broad an audience as my song work, so for anyone that wants to take a chance on it, you can download the album free of charge for a limited period at my Bandcamp page. There is, of course, also a limited run of 50 CDs for the discerning few of you who still prefer to have physical copies of things ;-) 

To buy the CD, click here: 
To claim a free download, click here: 

You can also watch a video for an edit of the long last track "Dubos Point", which I shot on Coney Island in 2014, by clicking here. Or you can read more general information about my riverrun project by clicking here. Please feel free to share this email with any friends you might think would enjoy this kind of music or appreciate the free download!

Thanks everyone, 

Daniel Land 
London, November 2016 


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