I didn't realise, until I saw it all all written down, quite how many gigs I'd racked up, especially between 2008 and 2010 when I was in three bands simultaneously. Looking at it all now, I wonder how I ever found time to eat, let alone turn up for my day job, have a social life, or sustain a relationship. And God knows how I found any time to make any new music whilst all this was going on. But somehow, I always did. My record keeping was a little patchy at times, so I'm sure there's some I've forgotten - if anyone is interested enough to suggest any additions or corrections, I'm all ears. I'm pretty sure, though, that this section is of little interest to anyone other than me!

As Daniel Land

Sunday 7th December - Manchester, Roadhouse 15th birthday

Sunday 28th June - Manchester Dry Bar

Saturday 10th April - Private gig, supporting Jane Siberry
Thursday 2nd September - Manchester, Kro Bar (with Jim Causley)

Monday 23rd January - Manchester, Band On The Wall (Daniel Land & Oisin Scarlett acoustic)
Sunday 29th January - London, The Lexington (with Michael Chapman)
Friday 28th September - London, Hope & Anchor
Thurs 15th November - Salford, Kings Arms (with Neil Halstead) 

Wednesday 6th Feb - London, Water Rats
Thursday 14th Feb - Manchester, Band On The Wall (with Robin Guthrie)
Friday 15th February - London, Hope & Anchor 
Tuesday 5th March - London, Purple Turtle
Sunday 24th March - Brixton, Windmill
Friday 19th April - London, Camden Barfly
Friday 24 May - London, Hope & Anchor
Friday 13th September - London, Hope & Anchor 
Tuesday 17th September - Stoke Newington, The Waiting Room
Wednesday 18th September - Wood Green, Karamel Music Club 
Saturday 12th October - London, Defectors Weld
Saturday 19th October - Stockton, Georgian Theatre
Saturday 16th November - Manchester, Private Gig

Friday 14 February - London, Hope & Anchor
Sunday 30 March - Brixton, Windmill
Wednesday 2 April - London, Camden Monarch
Saturday 19 April -  London, Water Rats
Friday 6 June - Salford, First Chop Brewing Arm
Friday 8 August - London, Hope & Anchor
Friday 24 October - London, Hope & Anchor

Saturday 15th August - Manchester, Museum of Science & Industry

Thursday 25 February - Tiverton, Castle Primary School
Friday 26 February - London, Sebright Arms
Saturday 27 February - Manchester, Castle Hotel
Friday 24 June - London, Sebright Arms
Saturday 10 September - London, Sebright Arms
Sunday 27 November - London, Sebright Arms

Saturday 21 January - London, New Cross Inn
Wednesday 24 May - The Brewhouse, London Fields
Saturday 29 July - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
Saturday 16 December - London, Dalston Victoria

Saturday 20 October - Manchester, Dreaming Tracks Festival

Wednesday 27 February - London, Paper Dress Vintage
Thursday 28 February - Bristol, The Thunderbolt
Sunday 3 March - Manchester, The Castle
Thursday 4 April - London, Dalston Victoria
Thursday 20 June - London, The Social (Luna tribute night; set of Dean Wareham songs)
Friday 2 August - London, New Cross Inn 
Wednesday 7 August - London, The Social
Saturday 16 November - Salford, The Old Pint Pot

Saturday 9 March - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club

As riverrun:

Sunday 18th March - Cragg Vale, St John's In The Wilderness Church (with Wil Bolton, Antonymnes, Pimmon)
Sunday 16th September - Salford, Sacred Trinity Church
Sunday 11th November - Manchester, Kraak Gallery (with Simon Scott)

With Engineers:

Monday 8th March - London, The Lexington 
Thursday 18th March - London, Scala 
Sunday 23rd May - Glyndebourne Festival 
Tuesday 21st September - London, The Old Blue Last
Monday 22nd November - Newcastle, The Cluny 
Tuesday 23rd November - York, Stereo
Wednesday 24th November - Bristol, The Cooler
Thursday 25th November - Southampton, Joiners
Sunday 28th November - Manchester, Deaf Institute
Monday 29th November - Birmingham, Academy 2
Tuesday 30th November - Nottingham, Stealth
Thursday 2nd December - London, Kings College

With Darkher

Friday 31 October - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club 

Saturday 29 July - Derby, Reaper Festival
Saturday 26 August - Todmorden, Unitarian Chapel

Saturday 9 March - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club


With Daniel Land & The Modern Painters

Thursday 6 December - Bar Amp, Manchester
Friday 21st December - The Phoenix, Manchester

Tuesday 9th January - Manchester, Roadhouse
Friday 18th January - Exeter, City Gate Cellar Bar
Saturday 19th January - Tiverton, The Legion
Friday 15 February - Oldham, Jacksons Pit
Wednesday 5th March - London, Notting Hill Arts Club (Death Disco)
Friday 7th March - Manchester, Metropolitan Union
Saturday 8th March - Warrington, Friar's Court
Thursday 24th April - Salford, Sacred Trinity (with Ulrich Schnauss and Airiel)
Friday 16th May - Oldham, Jacksons Pit
Tuesday 20th May - Manchester, Night & Day
Wednesday 21st May - London, Notting Hill Arts Club (Death Disco)
Thursday 22nd May - Exeter, Tiggas Bar
Sunday 25th May - Manchester, Dry Bar (Maps Festival)
Saturday 14 June 2008 - Leeds, The Primrose
Friday 27th June - Manchester, Star & Garter
Thursday 9 July - Winsford, De Bees
Thursday 24th July - Manchester, Dry Bar 
Saturday 26th July - Liverpool, View Two Gallery
Saturday 16th August - Northenden, The Crown
Saturday 13 September - Oldham, Jacksons Pit 
Thursday 18 September - Winsford, De Bees
Friday 19 September - Barnstaple, Pilton Village Hall 
Sunday 21st September - Manchester,Tiger Lounge 
Wednesday 24 September - London, St Giles In The Fields Church (with Neil Halstead)
Thursday 25 September - Salford, Sacred Trinity Church (with Neil Halstead)
Friday 10th October - Stockport, The Blue Cat Cafe
Tuesday 28 October - London, The Old Blue Last (with School of Seven Bells)
Wednesday 29 October - London, The Social (with School of Seven Bells)
Thursday 30th October - Manchester, Roadhouse
Saturday 8th November - Oldham, The Castle
Saturday 15th November - Manchester, Fuel Cafe Bar
Saturday 20th December - Northenden, The Crown

Saturday 28 February - Stoke On Trent, Fat Cat Cafe Bar
Sunday 29 February - Manchester, Night & Day Cafe (Lou Reed tribute night)
Saturday 28th March - Manchester, Ancoats Hope Mill
Wednesday 1st April - London, Buffalo Bar
Friday 3rd April - Caernarfon, The Morgan Lloyd
Saturday 4th April - Bristol, The Louisiana
Tuesday 7th April - Leeds, Oporto
Friday 17th April - Leiden, Sub 071
Saturday 18th April - Groningen, Vera
Thursday April 30th - Manchester, Dry Bar
Saturday 9th May - Leeds, The Well
Saturday 6th June - Manchester, Abode
Thursday 27th August - Oldham, The Castle
Thursday 10th September - Ashton Under Lyne, The Witchwood
Saturday 19th October - Manchester, Bar Centro 
Sunday 25th October - Nottingham, Drowned In Sound @ Hockey Hustle
Thursday 29th October - Leeds, Cardigan Arms
Friday 30th October - Oldham, Jacksons Pit
Monday 2nd November - London, Rough Trade East In-store
Tuesday 3rd November - London, Queen of Hoxton
Wednesday 4th November - London, Buffalo Bar 
Thursday 5th November - Southend, The Railway
Friday 6th November - Exeter, City Gate Cellar Bar
Saturday 7th November - Bristol, The Lousiana
Sunday 8th November - Manchester, The Roadhouse
Saturday 14th November - Birmingham, The Victoria
Saturday 19th December - Edinburgh, The caves

Saturday 13 February - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
Friday 26 February - Manchester, Chorlton Irish Club 
Saturday 13th March - Barnstaple, Pilton Village Hall (acoustic)
Thursday 20th May - London, The Luminaire (with A Sunny Day In Glasgow and Dorias Baracca)
Friday 18th June - Manchester, Night & Day Cafe
Saturday 19th June - Barnstaple, Pilton Village Hall (with Neil Halstead)
Sunday 20th June - Croyde, Gold Coast Ocean Festival
Friday 27th August - Oldham, Jacksons Pit 
Sunday 19th September - London, ICA (with Robin Guthrie)

Thursday 3rd February - London, The Wilmington Arms
Wednesday 23 March - Manchester, Ram & Shackle
Wednesday 18 May - Manchester, The Castle (with Team Ghost)
Thursday 17th November - Cardiff, Undertone

Friday 20th January - London, The Barfly
Saturday 11th February - Manchester, Roadhouse 
Wednesday 24th March - London, Buffalo Bar 
Friday 27th April - London, St Pancras Station (acoustic)
Monday 6th May - Salford, Sounds From The Other City Festival
Thursday 24th May - London, Wilmington Arms
Sunday 27th May - Manchester, Kraak Gallery
Thursday 5th July - Middleton, Carsons Sports Bar 

With The Steals:

Wednesday 1st July - London, The Slaughtered Lamb
Friday 10th July - Hebden Bridge, Hole In The Wall
Saturday 25th July - London, Spice Of Life 
Thursday 15 October - Halifax, Cookies Bar 

Thursday 14th January - Manchester, The Roadhouse 
Saturday 13th February - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
Sunday 14th March - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
Saturday 20th March - Halifax, The Old Cock
Friday 14th May - Salford, Islington Mill 
Monday 19th July - Manchester, Ruby Lounge (acoustic)
Thursday 12th August - Manchester, Ruby Lounge 
Monday 30th August - Sowerby Bridge, Puzzle Hall Festival 
Wednesday 13th October - Manchester, Band On The Wall 
Friday 11th December - Sowerby Bridge, Puzzle Hall

Friday 12 August - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club 
Monday 22nd August - Manchester, Ruby Lounge (with Wye Oak)
Saturday 3rd December - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club 

Wednesday 18th January - Manchester, The Castle 
Saturday 16th June - Hebden Bridge, Hope Baptist Church 
Friday 13th July - Halifax, Halifax Minster (with Low) 
Sunday 26th August - Sowerby Bridge, Puzzle Hall Festival