'Lilliput' CDs now sold out; standard download version still available

Hello everyone,

The CD copies of the new riverrun album Lilliput sold out within three weeks, which is a record for a riverrun release. Wow! I cannot thank you all for coming along with me, on this unique little experiment!

I hope that those of you who bought the CDs enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed this whole process. 

For those that missed out on the limited run of CDs, you can still download a 'standard' version of the album from my Bandcamp page here, or you can read more about the album and its compositional process here.

I may compile some of the nicer, unexpected and unplanned moments from the larger composition into another release; please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. Either way, some selections from the longer composition will feature on a forthcoming non-narrative riverrun film - and it's also highly likely that I'll conduct a similar experiment for a future release. 

Thank you for your continued interest in my music!


Daniel Land
Hampshire, February 2018



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