My new album 'The Dream Of The Red Sails' - Get your name in the credits! 

Hello everyone, 

I'm exceptionally happy to announce that my new album of songs, The Dream Of The Red Sails, is available to pre-order now! 

The Dream Of The Red Sails is an album of summery, wide screen Dream-Pop which, for me at least, is the most satisfying and complete album I've ever made. 

But don't just take my word for it! I've attached a free download of 'Skindivers', from the album, to this post. And you can pre-order, or find out more about the album, from the links below. 

The album will be officially released on January 7th. However, anyone who pre-orders the album from this website will receive the album by December, in plenty of time for Christmas.  

The album is available on CD, and you can throw in a bit of extra cash to get an exclusive bonus mini-album called A Certain Kind of Light (which features six new unreleased tracks on it), plus access to exclusive bonus material (including instrumental versions, an audio commentary, and an exclusive unreleased track) – AND, as thanks for your extra support, you will get "thank you" in the album credits!  
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The album is available in the following versions: 

Package 1: CD 
Pre-order the album today, receive an immediate download of 'Summer Song', and receive the album on compact disc by December 1st, five weeks before the release date. The CD is presented in a sturdy Super Jewel Case format with 12 page booklet and full-colour art and photography throughout. 
Click here to preorder 

Package 2: CD + Bonus Material + Your Name In The Credits 
Receive everything in Package 1, plus the bonus mini-album A Certain Kind of Light, presented on a CD in a cardboard wallet. Plus, receive a "Thank You" in the album credits, and access to downloadable bonus material including: album audio commentary, instrumental versions of all album tracks, and exclusive unreleased track 'I Should Have Danced With You'. If you want to purchase this option as a gift, please put the name of the person whose name should appear in the credits as a note at transaction stage. (Please note: due to manufacturing deadlines, last day to purchase the album and get your name in the credits is October 15th) 
This package has now sold out

Package 3: CD + Bonus Album & Material + 'Patron' Credit + More
For the truly dedicated person who really wants to support me in releasing this album, you will receive a credit as a 'Patron' in the album cover, plus everything in Packages 1 & 2, AND a whole bundle of extras including: download of my complete digital back catalogue (14 albums and 5 EPs, including riverrun, associated projects, and collaborations, worth over £120); a thank you letter; a homemade compilation CD (on a theme of your choice), and a handwritten lyric sheet (song of your choice). If you select this option, thank you so much! I will contact you after the order has been received to discuss your choices, and to send the back catalogue. (Please note: due to manufacturing deadlines, last day to purchase the album and get your name in the credits as a Patron is October 15th).
This package has now sold out

Best wishes, as always

Daniel Land 
London, September 2018

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